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This section is dedicated to resources related to CINE. The toolkits, guidelines and best practice material can be accessed through the CINE Wayfinder

Check the overview report which shows what CINE did over three years. Additionally, we made a more visual, even shorter and easy to read summary report. The project was structured in work packages. The following documents provide an overview over the completed outputs and their indicators.

Workpackage 1: Innovative Design and Storytelling
Output 1.2.1 Situated simulation model of Vágar
Output 1.3.1 Climate Change Application
Output 1.4.1 Sitsim Editor

Workpackage 2: Connecting North
Output 2.2.1 Virtual Museum Without Walls Best Practice
Output 2.2.2 Virtual Museum Without Walls Best Practice
Output 2.3.1 Digitourist Timespan Landscape Explorer
Output 2.3.2 Digitourist Toolkit
Output 2.4.1 Community Heritage Discovery Real Rights
Output 2.4.2 Community Heritage Interpretative Framework

Workpackage 3: Community Documentation and Gamification
Output 3.1.1 Best Practice Co-production
Output 3.1.2 Best Practice Co-production

Workpackage 4: Virtual Museum Without Walls
Output 4.1.1 Virtual Museums Without Walls research
Output 4.1.2 Virtual Museums Without Walls toolbox

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