PHIVE Conference in Reykjavik

The final conference on digital promotion and preservation of heritage took place in June the 16th and was a success.

President of Iceland - Opening speech

A woman playing with one of the VR experiences

Jacquie Aitken during her keynote

One of the parallel sessions

The hybrid event registered 99 people in person and around 60 others online.

The president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, opened the conference and the first keynotes were moderated by Skuli Björn Gunnarsson. 

After a lunch break and some time to play with some of the Virtual Reality experiences available, up to 6 parallel sessions (one of them in Icelandic) counted with different speakers. Some presented in person and others did it online.

Finally, the conference came to an end with the closing remarks from Skuli Björn Gunnarsson and an introduction to the Northern Heritage Network.

Please visit the conference webpage for more details.