PHIVE Series - 3rd Webinar and next events

Watch now the 3rd online session of the series on promotion and preservation of cultural heritage in the digital era: Digital Preservation, Community Engagement & Crowdsourcing.

Can cultural heritage be a larger part of our lives?

Digitisation of heritage collections is an important part of giving more people access to virtual copies of original items and preserving artefacts in digital replicas. In COVID times museums and archives realized more than ever how vital it is to use the internet to bring heritage to people. And how the curiosity of the crowd can be harvested in informative and creative ways. In this session we learn about community engagement, co-production and we discuss how crowdsourcing can be used to gather information and preserve cultural heritage.


Oddgeir Isaksen - Archaeologist and Project manager in The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland

Judith McCarthy -  Curator at Donegal County Museum

Kamila Oles - Art historian and Archaeologist, Research Assistant in University of St Andrew's


The webinar was streamed through the Facebook page of PHIVE.

To watch the full session, follow this link.

Stay tuned for the next webinar in the series scheduled for Tuesday 10th May at 1pm GMT+1!