PHIVE Series - 4th Webinar recording & next event

Revisit the 4th online session of the series on promotion and preservation of cultural heritage in the digital era: Game-based approach to heritage.


Is the magic circle of gaming for real?

Games and gamification are used more and more within schools and museums and can be a powerful way of communicating cultural heritage. New generations continue to play as adults and today we like to step into magic circles that takes us away from the real reality. In this session we present and discuss how to make gamified experience and why the play is so important as a informative tool.



- Skuli Björn Gunnarsson (Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute's director) will reflect on how games and gamification can be used by heritage institutions for communication. (CINE handbook)

- Sif Baldursdottir (Sales and Marketing Director at Locatify)

- Jonathon Richter (ILRN)

The webinar was streamed through the Facebook page of PHIVE.

To watch the full session, follow this link.

Stay tuned for the last webinar in the series scheduled for Tuesday 31st May at 12pm GMT+1!