PHIVE Series - 5th Webinar recording

Watch the 5th and last online session of the series on promotion and preservation of cultural heritage in the digital era: Virtual Museums, Virtual Tours and Tourism.


Is the virtual tourism of pandemic times an answer to climate change?

During the pandemic times, we all got used to virtual meetings and digital voyages with the help of computer-based technology. Museums opened their digital doors to get remote visitors while their real access was totally closed. In this session, we learned about platforms for virtual tourism and how the concept of virtual museums and tours can be extended and harvested for the sake of cultural heritage.



- Danny O'Toole from Mayo County Council and Iain Oliver introduced a new VR app for tourists made in STRATUS.

- Gunnar Liestöl (University of Oslo) talked about a Situated Simulation app.

- Hafþór S. Helgason (EFLA), geoprapher and multimedia expert, presented an introduction to informative 360 VR tours in East Iceland using the Kuula platform.

The webinar was streamed through the Facebook page of PHIVE.

To watch the full session, follow this link.


What's next?

Don't miss the final conference to be held in Iceland in June 16th! A hybrid event with talks about virtual heritage and the future of heritage in virtual worlds discussed in various sessions. Participants will be able to learn about new technical solutions and outputs from different projects and organisations. Innovative projects in gaming and experience industry that build on cultural heritage will get the change to present their products onsite.

To learn more about the conference and the agenda, click here,